Bajo Tierra, 2014

photo by Susanna Flock/Leonhard Muellner

Sound installation
realized within the frame of Permanent Expedition by Nomadenetappe
exhibition at MARCO – Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo
exhibition: 24.07. – 31.08.14

During her stay in the Spanish city of Vigo, Doris Prlić researched closed underground territory in Vigo. The sound installation at MARCO combines this research with reports from projects for using underground space in different urban areas. Stories of architectural utopia are mixed with attempts of practical utilization of forgotten tunnels. This world of subterranean imagination faces a photograph of the entry to a sealed underground tunnel in Vigo.
The speakers, which play back the sound files, are made of transportation boxes for fish, collected at the harbour.

exhibition photos by Susanna Flock/Leonhard Müllner

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