Finding A New Order

a magazine, a website and an exhibition.


Link to project website:

For Finding a New Order Doris Prlić, Marlies Stöger and André Tschinder asked different artists and writers to reflect on existing structures or search for new ones. 11 artists followed the invitation and produced artworks or texts for this project. The contributions are published in a magazine and are released on a website.
Presentations: In June 2013 a presentation of the project took place at the Zolder Museum in Amsterdam took place. In October an exhibition at bb15/Linz (AT), and a presentation at Goleb/Amsterdam will follow.

No matter which political direction they are attributed to, European feature pages and contemporary philosophers seem to agree: Our current system has failed – be it political, financial or regarding the whole society. We need new ideas, new formations, a way out of the chaos. Censorship, rigid structures and mechanisation-if one searches for an enemy, it is never hard to find such a one. But where to find a solution? Artists, however, have been busy with these issues all along. Nevertheless, the art world is trapped in exploiting mechanisms and rigidity just as well. Hierarchical systems, gate keepers and top dogs maintain structures directing who displays and who doesn’t. Yet, wherever hierarchies exist, those who criticize them are not far.

participating artists: ekw14,90 (Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder), Karin Fisslthaler,  Andreas Kurz, Daniel Ladnar (Random People), Lucas Norer, Renato Osoy, Doris Prlić, H.K. Rannversson, Isfrid Angard Siljehaug, Iva Supić Janković.

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