Sound Performance “I work as”

I work as
sound performance “I work as”, which is based on material from the research project “artist and…” premiered at Mehrkanal in Linz

The sound performance „I work as“ consists of several sound and voice sources which are played back from dictaphones. The multiple micro cassette recorders play back voices which tell about day jobs of artists. The narrators, who are mostly artists themselves, incorporate several conflicting positions at the same time. The recorded voice fragments add up to a dense acoustic impression which tells about the actualities of life of different artists. „I work as“ functions both as sound performance and as installation. The project has been presented so far at Mehrkanal Linz, at the art space W139 in Amsterdam and at Künstlerhaus Salburg (gold extra open studio).
Narrators: Balázs Antal, Moke Klengel, Eva Pel, Ulrike Prlić, Sonja Prlić, Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder and Karl Zechenter.

Soundfile of the performance in Linz:

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